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JurisMex Corp.
Consulting in Mexican Law

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Services of JurisMex Corp. for IndividualsMexicans and Non-Mexicans  in Need of Legal Representation in Mexico:

Obtain an objective evaluation of the merits of a Mexican legal case, plus a referral to a trusted Abogado within Mexican Territory. JurisMex Corp. will analyze the facts and legal issues from the perspective of the Mexican law and, when available, will recommend an Abogado in Mexico for representation.


Holding a valid passport is crucial both for traveling and in some immigration proceedings with American authorities. Mexican legislation requires authorization from both parents to issue a passport on behalf of an under-eighteen years Mexican national. In the absence of such authorization of one or both parents as it is the case with absent parents, the minor has few options beyond waiting until their eighteenth birthday.  JurisMex Corp. will represent the minor in Mexican courts to obtain judicial authorization for the expedition of Mexican passport on their behalf.
  • Homologation and/or Insertion in Mexico of U.S. Adoption Decrees
  When a Mexican national is adopted in the United States, there are certain proceedings to be followed in Mexico in order to get the Mexican authorities to recognize the change on the name of the person. The adopted or their representatives may, depending on the legal standard of the particular state within Mexican territory, be required to request directly the insertion of the U.S. Adoption decree before the office of the Civil Registry in Mexico where the birth of the person was first recorded, or to make such insertion once the Adoption decree has been homologated before the proper court in Mexico.

If this process is not followed, birth certificates from Mexico will still include the names of the person as they were first registered, and will not include the new last names they now have by virtue of the adoption.


  • Advice on Immigration Cases with Mexican Immigration Authorities (service for Non-Mexicans only)

According to Mexican law, foreign nationals (Non-Mexicans) may enter Mexico with one of two immigration statuses: Non-Residents or Immigrants (Temporary or Permanent Residents). If you plan to visit or live in Mexico, we can advise and assist you to apply for proper authorization to do so either as a Student, Investor, Resident Pensioner, Investor, Professional, Scientist or Artist and Sports Professional.


  • Mediation
Mediation is a highly empowering Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism. It is a voluntary and confidential process in which a neutral third-party facilitator – the mediator – helps people to discuss difficult issues and negotiate an agreement. Usually, mediation is less money and time consuming than litigation. Our Abogados are trained to serve as mediators, whether the proceedings are in English or Spanish.
  • English-Spanish-English Legal Translations
  JurisMex Corp. offers English-Spanish-English Legal Translations through bilingual Attorneys licensed to practice both in Mexico and in one of the jurisdictions of the United States. Legal translation differs from ordinary translation because the latter involves legal technicalities and specific meaning of the words used in legal documents and contracts; the mind of an abogado who is familiar with both legal systems involved is required for accuracy.

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