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JurisMex Corp.
Consulting in Mexican Law

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Services of JurisMex Corp. for American Law Firms and Companies Doing Business in Mexico:

  • Expert Testimony in Mexican Law for Litigation within the United States
  In judicial proceedings, foreign law generally has to be proven by the party that cites it. JurisMex Corp. will provide an Abogado licensed to practice law in Mexico to serve as expert witness in Mexican law in litigation within the United States.
  • Reinforcing Evaluation of all Aspects of Mexican Law of a Case in the United States
  Reinforce your case through an evaluation of the Mexican law component of your case within the United States. Our Abogados will analyze the facts and legal issues from the perspective of the Mexican law. This preventive investment will help you to strength your arguments and strategy within the United States.


  • Consulting in Mexican Law

Civil and Merchant Law
Most business transactions in Mexico are generally documented through contracts and negotiable instruments that support them; the guidance of an Abogado is vital before, during and after doing business in Mexico.
JurisMex Corp. will assist you to draft contracts accordingly with Mexican law, interpret the extent and consequences of clauses within a legal document under the Mexican perspective, analyze a cause of action within the Mexican legal system, and provide the knowledge for your peace of mind.

Tax Law
Nonresidents of Mexico—whether corporation or individuals, Mexicans or non-Mexicans—are obliged to pay taxes for income earned in Mexican territory, as provided by Mexico’s Income Tax Law (Ley del Impuesto Sobre la Renta).
JurisMex Corp. can assist in planning and executing the fulfillment of the tax obligations.

 Constitutional / Amparo Law
Amparo Trial is the most technical and elaborated legal defense under the Mexican legal system. Amparo trial is a
Mexican institution that ensures the constitutionality of acts of authorities from all three branches of government. Amparo is, in numerous cases, the deciding factor that allows justice to be served when all other means have failed.
JurisMex Corp. specializes in Amparo and Constitutional matters, and will provide the required counseling on the relevant issues.

Labor Law
A very important aspect to be considered when doing business in Mexico is the legal implications of labor relations. Mexico has a legal system that seeks to protect employees, and businesses and investors have to carefully draw a strategy to comply with the requirements of the labor law while reaching their business goals at the same time.
JurisMex Corp. will provide those necessary tools to cover the legal aspect of labor relations.

Criminal / White Collar Crime
Individuals and corporations doing business in Mexico require knowing the implications and characteristics of the Mexican criminal legal system, both to insure compliance with the law, and to avoid becoming victims of a crime.
JurisMex Corp. will provide valuable information to know and diminish those risks and to ease recovery if the case demands it.

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
The NAFTA is a comprehensive tri-lateral Free Trade Agreement signed by Canada, Mexico and the United States which includes innovative aspects, such as the regulation of foreign investment, a first in a multilateral treaty. The NAFTA is part of Mexican law and can be applied in its Mexican territory as part of the legal system.

  •  Mediation
  Mediation is a highly empowering Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism. It is a voluntary and confidential process in which a neutral third-party facilitator – the mediator – helps people to discuss difficult issues and negotiate an agreement. Usually, mediation is less money and time consuming than litigation. Our Abogados are trained to serve as mediators, whether the proceedings are in English or Spanish.
  • Legal Assistance and Legal Representation in Mexico    
  If required, an Abogado licensed to practice in Mexico will prepare all legal aspects of a business trip to Mexico and, upon request, make the trip with the client and provide legal assistance within Mexican territory. Whether for a closing of a contract, appearing in a hearing in front of a Mexican authority or in any other relevant situation, JurisMex Corp. will assist you with an Abogado who understands your needs and the way legal matters are handled in Mexico.
  • Referral service to trusted Abogados in Mexico
  One of the biggest challenges for a Canadian or American individual, corporation or law firm is to find the right attorney in Mexico to represent their interests. JurisMex Corp. has a network of trusted, capable abogados working in the main cities and beaches of Mexico to assist you.
  •    English-Spanish-English Legal Translations
  JurisMex Corp. offers English-Spanish-English Legal Translations through bilingual Abogados licensed to practice in Mexico and who are also familiar with the Common Law legal tradition. Legal translation differs from ordinary translation because the latter involves legal technicalities and specific meaning of the words used in legal documents and contracts; the mind of an abogado who is familiar with both legal systems involved is required for accuracy.

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